Gakuryu Ishii

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Gakuryū Ishii ( Japanese 石井 岳 龍 Ishii Gakuryū ; born January 15, 1957 in Fukuoka Prefecture ) to 2012 Sōgo Ishii ( Japanese 石井 聰 亙 Ishii Sōgo ) is a Japanese film director . In the opening and closing credits he is sometimes listed as Sohgo Ishii or Toshihiro Ishii .


Ishii is stylistically an outsider in Japanese film, who mixes numerous genres in his films and deliberately breaks conventions. He is considered to be one of the most important contemporary Japanese film directors.

In 1986 he made the short film ½ Mensch with the Einstürzende Neubauten . Ishii's typical stylistic devices are camera work à la Shinya Tsukamoto (very experimental, hectic camera work and fast cuts).

Due to his great interest in music, Ishii is not only dedicated to the art of fiction , but has also shot video clips for many punk rock bands such as The Stalin , Isseifubi Sepiia and The Roosterz .


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