Gartner Inc.

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Gartner, Inc.

legal form Incorporated (Inc.)
corporation (USA)
ISIN US3666511072
founding 1979
Seat Stamford , Connecticut ,United StatesUnited States
management Eugene A. Hall ( CEO )
Number of employees 7,834
sales 2,163,000,000 US dollars
Branch IT consulting and market research
As of December 31, 2015

Gartner is a provider that offers market research results and analyzes of developments in IT . The company is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut , USA.

Gartner was founded in 1979 by Gideon Gartner - at that time under the name Gartner Group . The company went public for the first time in the mid-1980s. In 1988 it was bought by the British advertising service company Saatchi & Saatchi for $ 90.3 million. As early as 1990 it was passed on to some members of the management at the time and with the help of Bain Capital . and sold to Dun & Bradstreet again. The company went public again in 1993. In 2000 the name of the company was changed to Gartner .
The company is made up of the four divisions Gartner Research, Gartner Executive Programs, Gartner Consulting and Gartner Events.

Since it was founded, Gartner has taken over 25 companies in the core business area of ​​research and in related fields. The company employs in the year 2013 about 6,000 employees, of which 650 analysts and 550 consultants, and generated annual sales of 1.3 billion US dollars . According to Gartner, it works with over 45,000 customers from 10,000 organizations in 75 countries.

In June 2016, the company confirmed the takeover of the London- based private company SCM World .

In January 2017, the company announced that it would acquire publicly traded company CEB, Inc. for $ 2.6 billion. Subject to the approval of the antitrust authorities , the takeover is expected to be completed in mid-2017.

Products and services

The company uses so-called hype cycles and magic quadrants to visualize the results of the market analyzes . Hype cycles show which phases of public attention a new technology goes through when it is introduced. Magic Quadrants show how certain providers position themselves within this market according to criteria defined by Gartner. The positioning takes place in one of the four quadrants: leader , visionary , challenger and niche player . Gartner examines the most varied of IT markets, typically at annual intervals.

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