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The Gasthaus Brauerei is a historic inn and cultural asset of regional importance in Schleitheim in the Swiss canton of Schaffhausen .


The inn was rebuilt in 1748 under the bailiff of the Reichenau monastery Martin Stamm (1700 to 1786) after the previous building was destroyed in the village fire of September 13, 1747.


The building is divided into two parts: a brick-built two-storey residential part and the half-timbered economic part with a barn and stable. Above the curved barn door are the initials of the builder Martin Stamm - Margaretha Denger 1748 . On the eastern side there is also a frame work with initials and the year 1748. The cellar is formed by two high parallel barrels, the tops of which are above ground level. The arched cellar entrance in the hallway is also dated 1748. A platform staircase with picket railing leads to the upper floor. The small south hall is paneled with wood and equipped with a Régence stucco ceiling. The lying roof structure is three-story.


The house is a working inn with an attached farm. The inn offers space for 100 people and has a garden restaurant.


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Coordinates: 47 ° 44 '59.4 "  N , 8 ° 29' 13.1"  E ; CH1903:  six hundred seventy-eight thousand six hundred seventeen  /  289330