Banded cylinder rose

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Banded cylinder rose
Banded cylinder rose (Isarachnanthus nocturnus)

Banded cylinder rose ( Isarachnanthus nocturnus )

Class : Flower animals (anthozoa)
Subclass : Hexacorallia
Order : Cylinder roses (Ceriantharia)
Family : Arachnactidae
Genre : Isarachnanthus
Type : Banded cylinder rose
Scientific name
Isarachnanthus nocturnus
Den Hartog , 1977

The banded cylinder rose ( Isarachnanthus nocturnus , syn .: Arachnanthus nocturnus ) or carib cylinder rose lives in the tropical, western Atlantic in the area of ​​the west Indian islands , the Bahamas , Bermuda and Florida on sandy soils at depths of 5 to 20 meters. It becomes eight inches long, is hermaphrodite and nocturnal. It feeds on plankton . Like all cylinder roses, it lives in a self-made parchment-like tube, into which it quickly withdraws in the event of disturbances, for example when suddenly illuminated by a diver .


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