Battle at Korneuburg

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Battle at Korneuburg
date July 7, 1809
place Korneuburg , Lower Austria
output French victory
Parties to the conflict

France 1804First empire France

Austrian EmpireEmpire of Austria Austria


France 1804First empire Claude Legrand

Austrian EmpireEmpire of Austria Johann v. Klenau

Troop strength
13,000 men,
24 cannons
18,000 men,
64 cannons

The battle near Korneuburg on July 7, 1809 was a small battle of retreat between the Austrian troops under Johann von Klenau and a part of the Grande Armée led by Claude Legrand as part of the Fifth Coalition War of the Napoleonic Wars .


On the day after the Austrian defeat in the Battle of Wagram , the commander of the Austrian troops, Archduke Charles of Austria , organized the proper retreat towards Bohemia . He himself had set up his headquarters in Leobendorf on the night of July 6th to 7th, 1809 and wanted to withdraw his main force in the direction of Znojmo , while he instructed the IV Corps under Rosenberg to retreat to Brno . The plan was to unite with the Bohemian Landwehr and take on another battle against Napoleon.

On the night of July 6th to 7th, 1809, the Imperial and Royal Army broke out from the Stammersdorf area and moved to the heights of Kreuzenstein as a night camp. To this end, he instructed Klenau to stop the French pursuers, the IV French Corps led by Masséna , with 18,000 men and 64 cannons .


Klenau put Korneuburg in a state of defense , as far as it was possible in the short time . The French vanguard with 13,000 men and 24 cannons arrived here under the command of Claude Legrand on the afternoon of July 7th, and through repeated attacks and heavy cannonades forced Klenau to leave the city, which had caught fire in the evening. This withdrew in the direction of Stockerau .


The French, who until then had been in the dark about the main direction of the retreat of the Austrian army after the battle of Wagram, correctly concluded that the Austrians were moving in the direction of Znojmo due to the fierce resistance they encountered here and took them Chase on. The next meeting took place in the battle near Stockerau .