Common pond runner

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Common pond runner
Common pond runner (Hydrometra stagnorum)

Common pond runner ( Hydrometra stagnorum )

Partial order : Gerromorpha
Superfamily : Hydrometroidea
Family : Pond runner (Hydrometridae)
Subfamily : Hydrometrinae
Genre : Hydrometra
Type : Common pond runner
Scientific name
Hydrometra stagnorum
( Linnaeus , 1758)

The common pond runner ( Hydrometra stagnorum ), also called water rider or stilted foot , is a bug (Heteroptera) and belongs to the family of pond runner (Hydrometridae). The animals lead an amphibious way of life and walk around on the water in bank areas or on aquatic plants.

Features and way of life

The common pond runner reaches body lengths between 9 and 12.5 millimeters. The black or brown-black animals are elongated in body structure. The head is almost twice as long in front of the compound eyes as behind. The legs are extremely long in comparison to the body and allow walking on the surface of the water. The antennae are four-part. The underside of the body is equipped with small hairs so that water can run off. Most individuals are short-winged (brachypter); long-winged (macroptere) forms are rare, which is why the ability of the species to spread is severely restricted. In contrast to other representatives of the water striders i. w. S. ( Gerromorpha ), however, the animals can move around quite well on land and even cover longer distances. The animals feed exclusively on insects and other arthropods as predators .

Distribution and habitats

The common pond runner is widespread throughout Europe, the Mediterranean region and North Africa. To the east, its area extends into the Middle East and Central Asia. The animals live both in shallow bank areas of small still waters and on muddy ground in the reed belt of larger lakes. Since the species is comparatively undemanding, almost vegetation-free places near water or built-up banks are colonized by it.


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