General Electric F110

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F110 turbofan engine from an F-16, 1986

The General Electric F110 is a modern turbofan engine from General Electric , which is used in numerous combat aircraft.


F110 performing performance tests at the Air Force Arnold Engineering Development Center
A view of an F110 through the exhaust nozzle of an F-14D

The F110 is a derivative of the F101 and uses the same core engine design. In addition, some new findings have been adopted from the F404 , whereby the new engine has been reduced in diameter compared to the F101. In the course of development, the new engine was first called the F101X, later the F101DFE, and had its first run in December 1979. The F110 in turn served as the basis for the afterburnerless F118 engine of the B-2 bomber.

This engine is used in combat aircraft such as the F-14 B / D (F110-GE-400), the F-15 K (F110-GE-129) and the F-16 C / D (F110-GE-100, F110 -GE-129 and F110-GE-132). Production of F-16C / D with F110 engines began in mid-1986 after this engine was chosen by the US Air Force in 1984.

Technical specifications

Parameter F110-GE-100 F110-GE-129 F110-GE-132 F110-GE-400
Length: 4.63 m 4.63 m 4.62 m 5.90 m
Diameter: 118 cm 118 cm 118 cm 118 cm
Weight: 1,778 kg 1,805 kg 1,837 kg 1,996 kg
Thrust (with afterburner): 128.9 kN 131.65 kN 142.38 kN 120.49 kN
Thrust (without afterburner): 62.3 kN k. A. 79.22 kN 73.9 kN
Total pressure ratio: 29.9: 1 30.7: 1 k. A. 30.4: 1
Thrust-to-weight ratio : 7.39: 1 7.44: 1 7.9: 1 6.16: 1


  • Compressor: three low pressure / fan and nine high pressure stages
  • Turbine: two low-pressure and one high-pressure stages

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