General Electric TF34

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General Electric TF34

TF34 and CF34 is the name given to a series of turbofan - engines of the US company General Electric .


The TF34 is the military variant used on the Thunderbolt A-10 and the S-3 Viking . It was developed by General Electric's engine division during the late 1960s. The original powerplant included a single stage fan driven by a four stage low pressure turbine, a 14 stage high pressure compressor driven by a two stage high pressure turbine, and an annular combustion chamber. The TF34-GE-400A is approved for a thrust of 41.26 kN.

The civilian version CF34 ( 'Commercial Fan') at various commercial aircraft, including Bombardier's CRJ series, the E-Jets from Embraer and China's Comac ARJ21 used. Originally the CF34 is based on the TF34. It was first used in 1983 as the CF34-3A on the Challenger 601 Corporate Jet . Later versions of the CF34 with higher thrust have a new core with only a ten-stage high-pressure compressor. This CF34-8C1 was approved by the FAA in November 1999 and was used in the CRJ700 from 2001. The latest variants, the -10A and -10E, were derived from the CFM56 family, have a fundamentally modified high-pressure system and contain a nine-stage compressor that is driven by a single-stage turbine. The low-pressure system has an additional three booster stages behind the fan. These variants are approved for a thrust of up to 88.9 kN.

More than 6,000 CF34s are in service worldwide, 4,300 of which are on regional jets . With the technology programs NG34 and TechX, GE is currently working on a successor model that will save around 20% fuel and will have its first run in 2012.

Technical specifications

Type Thrust (kN) By-
pass ratio
at start
Total pressure
Blower diameter
Length (m) Dry
matter (kg)
Admission Use at
CF34-3B 41 6.2: 1 21.1: 1 1.118 2.616 758 1995 CRJ200 / Challenger 604 / Challenger 850
CF34-8C5 61.3-64.5 5: 1 ~ 28: 1 1.174 3.264 1125 2002 CRJ 701/900/1000
CF34-8E 64.5 5: 1 ~ 28: 1 1.174 3.078 1179 2002 Embraer 170/175
CF34-10A 81.2-88.9 5.4: 1 29: 1 1.346 3,696 1676 - ARJ21
CF34-10E 81.3 5.4: 1 29: 1 1.346 3,696 1676 2005 Embraer 190/195

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