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Embraer SA

legal form Sociedade Anônima , state company until 1994
US29082A1079 ( ADR )
founding 1969
Seat São José dos Campos , Brazil
management Paulo Cesar de Souza e Silva
Number of employees 18,506 (2016)
sales 6.218 billion . USD (2016)
Branch Aerospace
Website www.embraer.com

Embraer 190

The Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica SA , based in Sao Jose dos Campos (Brazil) is a listed aircraft manufacturer; after Boeing , Airbus and Bombardier , it is the fourth largest in the world. Embraer produces for both the civil and military sectors. The company is one of Brazil's largest exporters and employs over 18,000 people worldwide, 95 percent of whom are based in Brazil, and has offices and service centers around the world (in Australia, China, France, Portugal, Singapore and the USA).

Company history

Established as a technical center for aviation

The history of Embraer goes back to a decision by the Brazilian government to build up its own national aviation industry after the end of the Second World War. In the small town of São José dos Campos, the CTA (Centro Técnico de Aeronáutica) was founded under military leadership, which still works today as the General Command for Aerospace Technology (Comando-Geral de Tecnologia Aeroespacial) of the Brazilian Air Force.

The German Henrich Focke was asked in the 1950s to do development work with some of his engineers in Brazil. From 1952 to 1956 he developed several helicopters, the two-seat light helicopter Beija-Flôr ( German  Kolibri ) and the Convertiplane HC-1. This activity eventually led to the establishment of Embraer. In 1956 he returned to Bremen from Brazil.

In 1965 it was decided, under the direction of Major Oziras Silva, to develop a twin-engine light transport aircraft for use on unpaved runways under the project name IPD-6504 . On October 22, 1968, the aircraft now called Bandeirante (Boy Scouts) took off for the first time with test pilots José Mariotto Ferreira and flight engineer Michal Cury.

Embraer - State aircraft factory since 1969

Since the CTA was not designed for series production of aircraft, however, President Artur da Costa e Silva signed Ordinance 770 on August 19, 1969, establishing a state-owned aircraft factory called Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica , or Embraer for short. The new company was headed by Oziras Silva and initially had a workforce of 500 employees, former members of the CTA and ITA. The first order was the construction of 80 Bandeirantes, now designated as C-95s. The first machine from series production flew in 1972. A year later, a passenger version under the designation EMB-110 P followed . The first civilian order came from Transbrasil and consisted of six aircraft. The first foreign civil order was only placed in 1977 by the French Air Littoral , which ordered the EMB 110P2 version with 21 seats. In August 1978 the US type certificate was finally granted.

In 1969, license production of the Italian Aermacchi MB-326 training and light fighter aircraft began for the Brazilian Air Force and was produced under the name EMB 326GB Xavante. On September 7, 1971, the Xavante made her maiden flight. It was designated AT-26 by the Brazilian Air Force and was used for 36 years. The Brazilian Air Force received 167 of the 182 Xavantes built, while 9 were delivered to Paraguay and 6 to Togo.

In 1970 the EMB 200 Ipanema agricultural aircraft had its maiden flight, which was to become the company's longest-lasting product and is still being built today (2019).

Various foreign types were built under license until 1975, until the EMB-121 Xingu, the first, albeit less successful, aircraft with a pressurized cabin and turboprop engine, which flew for the first time on October 10, 1976. The largest customer of the 106-built type was the French armed forces, who bought 49 of the total production.

In 1980 the successful T-27 Tucano turboprop trainer made its maiden flight.

Together with the Italian companies Alenia and Aermacchi , a new company called AMX International was founded in 1981, which developed the AMX training, ground attack and reconnaissance aircraft . The aircraft designated in Brazil as A-1 flew there for the first time on October 16, 1985. The local air forces received 94 copies of the machines built.

From 1985, the series production of the 30-seat turboprop regional aircraft EMB-120 Brasilia followed, of which a total of 354 units were built by 2001 after its maiden flight on July 27, 1983.

Buildings under license for Piper

In 1975 EMBRAER signed a contract with the US aircraft manufacturer Piper Aircraft for the production of six Piper types under license. The individual series concerned the following series, each of which was given its own type designation by EMBRAER:

When the contract expired in 2000, more than 2,500 aircraft had been built under license.

Crisis and privatization

After the failure of the CBA-123 Vector in 1990, the company found itself in a crisis, which cost three quarters of the workforce of 12,000 at the time. Privatization at the end of 1994 and the appointment of Maurício Botelho as President of the company then brought the salvation. In 1995 he was able to implement the development of the successful Embraer regional jet series , then in 2002 the Embraer E-Jets and their financing, thus paving the way for the fourth-largest aircraft manufacturer in the world.

Today Embraer is majority-owned by institutional Brazilian investors. EADS sold a 2.12% stake in mid-February 2007 for 124 million euros, which means that Embraer - compared to the 2.75 billion BAE Systems received for a 20% stake in Airbus in 2006 - was worth almost half as much as Airbus .

In 2008, Embraer began building a plant at Melbourne International Airport in Melbourne, Florida, USA , which opened in February 2011. Since then, Phenom 100 have been built there for North American customers.

On July 1st, 2016, Embraer's CEO Frederico Fleury Curado stepped down after nine years at the helm of the company. In 2015, the company generated $ 69 million in profit. In the market for private jets, which is becoming increasingly important for Embraer, of which it covered 10 percent worldwide, the margins of investment banks had been criticized. In addition, bribery payments had become known, these related to business with the Dominican Republic and India. The company's stock market value decreased by 50 percent in 2016 as the stock market in Brazil increased.

Planned joint venture with Boeing

In autumn 2017 it was announced that Boeing wanted to take over Embraer, originally through purchase. Boeing wanted to give guarantees that the name, the management and the jobs would be preserved. The Brazilian government has owned a gold share since privatization in 1994 and the then incumbent President Temer spoke out against the merger. The stock exchange reacted to the talks with a price jump of over 20 percent.

In July 2018, a memorandum of understanding was signed for a joint venture in which Embraer would contribute its civil aircraft and hold 20% while Boeing would bear the remaining 80%. Bombardier had previously entered into a similar partnership with Airbus for the Airbus A220 .

The plan was approved by Embraer shareholders on February 26, 2019, and the future name Boeing Brasil - Commercial was announced on May 23 . On April 25, 2020, Boeing announced that it would terminate its contract with Embraer so that there will not be a merger

Civil types

Embraer ERJ 145 from Luxair .
Embraer 175 of the KLM Cityhopper .
Embraer 195LR of the Lufthansa Cityline .

Military types

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