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Georg Haindl (born November 15, 1816 in Ingolstadt ; † May 11, 1878 in Augsburg ) was a German entrepreneur and founder of the Haindl'schen paper mills in Augsburg.

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Georg Haindl's grave in the Catholic Herman cemetery

Georg Haindl was the oldest child of a Bavarian customs officer. In his hometown he attended elementary and Latin school. He then completed a three-year apprenticeship at the renowned Friedrich Pustet publishing house in Regensburg , where he was then employed as a clerk and from 1838 to 1849 as head of the Alling paper mill . Georg Haindl then acquired the Sieber paper mill on Malvasierbach in Augsburg, which went bankrupt in 1848, with financial support from his in-laws and Friedrich Pustet . In the same year he started the production of paper under the name Haindl'sche paper factoryon. The company was extremely successful and focused on the production of newsprint. The production could be increased within a short time from 2192 quintals in 1849/50, to 9178 quintals in 1859/60, to 14,992 quintals in 1869/70 and finally to 25,684 quintals in 1877/78. The factory started producing continuous paper in the 1870s.

The factory owner was also involved in the social field for his workers and employees. In 1853, for example, he founded a health insurance scheme for female employees, had company apartments built from 1872 ( Bertolt Brecht , whose father worked in the Haindl'sche paper factory and worked his way up there), and set up a pension fund in 1875 .

Georg Haindl had been married to the forester's daughter Elisabeth Ehrnthaler since 1846. The marriage had four children. His sons Friedrich Haindl (1849–1929) and Clemens Haindl (1854–1930) continued the factory, which was bought in 2001 by the Finnish UPM-Kymmene .

A street in Augsburg commemorates the factory owner.


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