Gordian II

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Sestertius Gordians II

Gordian II. (* Around 192; † January 20, 238 in Carthage ), with full name Marcus Antonius Gordianus Sempronianus Romanus Africanus , was co-regent of his father, the Roman emperor Gordian I, for twenty days in January 238 .

His short term in office corresponds to that of his father, who was elected emperor at the age of around 80 after a revolt of the nobility against Maximinus Thrax .

Gordian II had a reputation for being a womanizer and lover of the fine arts, who wrote prose himself . However, he had no military experience and fell in the battle with Capelianus , the loyal governor of Numidia ( Mauritania ), who refused to recognize Gordianus and his father as emperor.

When Gordian I. learned of his son's death, he committed suicide that same day. Thereupon Balbinus and Pupienus were appointed by the Senate as emperors of equal rank. Just two months later, Gordian's nephew became Gordian III. roman emperor.



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predecessor Office successor
Maximinus Thrax Roman Emperor 238 (with Gordian I. )
(with Gordian I. )
Pupienus and Balbinus