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Gottfried Renatus Häcker (born July 29, 1789 in Barby ; † October 7, 1864 in Lübeck ) was a German pharmacist, botanist and conservator . Its official botanical author's abbreviation is " Haecker ".


Gottfried Renatus Häcker was the son of the merchant Christian Gottlieb Häcker (1747-1830) in Barby. He first attended the school of the Moravian Brethren in Niesky and then the grammar school in Barby. However, he did not graduate from the grammar school in Barby due to economic difficulties of the Brethren and instead made an apprenticeship as a Beutler in 1806 , but found no employment in the profession he had learned. After working in his brother's stonemasonry for a year and a half, he began an apprenticeship as a pharmacist with his brother-in-law in Jerichow in 1812 . After completing this second apprenticeship and passing the exam in Magdeburg , he began studying mineralogy and botany. He went on study trips to southern Germany, Switzerland and Italy, where he collected plants and minerals. In 1824 he took a job as a pharmacist's assistant and laboratory assistant in Lübeck with the pharmacist Franz Friedrich Kindt in the small pharmacy , where he stayed until his death in 1856.

Häcker had already been an honorary director of the natural objects collection in Lübeck, which is maintained by the Society for the Promotion of Charitable Activities , and in 1859 became the first paid curator of the collections that later formed the basis of the Museum am Dom . He made a special contribution to the botanical area of ​​the collection but also to the mineral collection, but was also interested in bryology and was in contact with Karl Moritz Gottsche , Johann Bernhard Wilhelm Lindenberg and Ernst Hampe through mosses . As early as 1844, he wrote the Lübeck flora, which contains more than 900 plant descriptions, as an identification book and numerous contributions to the works of Ludwig Rabenhorst , Ludwig Reichenbach and Ernst Ferdinand Nolte's Flora of Schleswig-Holstein . His complete Lübeck herbarium was acquired after his death for the Lübeck collections of the Society for the Promotion of Charitable Activities; it burned with the museum during the air raid on Lübeck in 1942.

From his 1832 marriage with Elisabeth Auguste Friederike Herrenquist (1807-1892) from Lübeck, he had a son.

Numerous species were named after him with the addition of haeckeriana .


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