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Gregorius († 739 ) was Duke of Benevento from 732 to 739 .


Gregorius was a nephew of Liutprand, King of the Lombards . At first Gregorius was probably dux of Clusium . Around 732 Liutprand arranged the marriage between Gregorius and Giselperga.

When dux Romuald II of Benevento died in 731 or 732, a follow-up dispute broke out in which the usurper Audelahis initially asserted himself against Gisulf II , who was still a small child. He ruled for two years before he was overthrown by supporters of Gisulf. King Liutprand , who had intervened in the dispute, appointed his own nephew Gregorius as dux and took Romuald's underage son Gisulf II to Pavia, where he raised him like a son.

Gregorius' seven-year reign seems to have been in line with King Liutprand's expectations, since no more quarrels are reported during this period. He seems to have been a capable ruler who managed to keep calm and loyal to the king in these troubled times.

After Gregorius' death in 739 Godescalcus became dux des Benevento from a party hostile to the monarchy, without recognizing the right of royal appointment .



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