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As a border location are in the agricultural areas in the narrower sense, where farming is not possible. Intensive grassland does not fall under the definition .

These are locations with shallow soil, where plowing is prevented by layers of rock to just below the surface or by large reading stones . This includes sloping surfaces that are too steep to allow proper tillage . Where use and fertilization are too costly, often due to small-scale areas of land, such locations become deserted. You can find them in the Rhön , the Eifel , the Jura and the Spessart , for example . Often they are no longer used and left to their own devices. Similar to social fallow land, for reasons of nature and species protection, it was seen as problematic on many areas if they were covered with bushes . The often costly debushing is then considered an optimizing measure in nature conservation .

More recent definitions see areas as borderline locations on which, under the given production-technical, agricultural-political, macroeconomic and legal framework conditions, a positive land yield cannot be achieved with any agricultural use system that serves to generate sustainable profit.

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