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Hugo Butler (born May 4, 1914 in Calgary , Alberta , Canada , † January 7, 1968 in Hollywood , California , USA ) was a Canadian screenwriter .


His father, Frank Butler , who worked for the Canadian Pacific Railway , moved to Hollywood after World War I and his divorce to become a silent film actor and writer. The mother moved with her son to Victoria, British Columbia. Hugo Butler studied journalism at the University of Washington and was a journalist and playwright before moving to the USA in 1934 and starting as a writer at MGM . In 1937 he wrote The Big City, the first of his thirty-four screenplays. In 1940 he married Jean Rouverol (1916-2017), an American actress and later screenwriter. The couple had six children over time. Both joined the CPUSA in 1943 . Butler reached his career high in 1941 when he and Dore Schary were nominated for an Oscar in the category Best Original Story for their work on Edison, the Man (he presented his father with an Oscar four years later). After his military service in World War II , Butler was targeted by anti-communists in the early 1950s. The family with four young children fled to Mexico in 1951. Butler has written for well-known directors such as Luis Buñuel and Carlos Velo (as Hugo Mozo ). Another well-known work is Sodom and Gomorrah (1962) . In 1960 the Butlers went to Italy for four years and returned to Hollywood shortly afterwards.

Hugo Butler suffered from hardening of the arteries in the brain for many years and died of a heart attack on January 7, 1968 at the age of 53 . His blacklisted work was officially recognized by the Writers Guild of America in 1997 . Jean Rouverol published the book Refugees from Hollywood: A Journal of the Blacklist Years (University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque) in 2000 .


  • 1937: The Big City
  • 1938: A Christmas Carol
  • 1939: Society Lawyer
  • 1939: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn)
  • 1940: Wyoming
  • 1940: The great Edison (Edison, the Man)
  • 1940: The young Edison (Young Tom Edison)
  • 1941: Barnacle Bill
  • 1942: The Omaha Trail
  • 1942: A Yank on the Burma Road
  • 1945: Homesickness (Lassie Come Home)
  • 1945: The Man from the South (The Southerner)
  • 1946: Miss Susie Slagle’s
  • 1946: From This Day Forward
  • 1949: Eye Witness
  • 1949: Roughshod
  • 1950: A Woman of Distinction
  • 1951: You don't sing songs to Satan ( The Prowler ; together with Dalton Trumbo , who was already on the blacklist)
  • 1951: He Ran All the Way (wanted poster 7-73) (originally attributed to Guy Endore )
  • 1951: The Big Night (The Night of Truth) (. Originally not attributed)
  • 1952: The First Time (a baby rarely comes alone)
  • 1954: World for Ransom (kidnapping in Singapore) (originally not attributed)
  • 1954: Robinson Crusoe (as Philip Ansell Roll)
  • 1956: Autumn Leaves ( Autumn Storms ) (. Originally Jack Jevne attributed)
  • 1956: Torero (documentary) (as Hugo Mozo )
  • 1960: La Joven (The Young Girl) (as HB Addis )
  • 1960: Los pequeños gigantes (as Hugo Mozo )
  • 1962: Eva
  • 1962: Sodom and Gomorrah (Sodom And Gomorrah)
  • 1963: A Face in the Rain
  • 1968: The Legend of Lylah Clare (Big Lie Lylah Clare) (with his wife)
  • 1972: Running Scared

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