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Guillaume Faye (2015)

Guillaume Faye (born November 7, 1949 in Angoulême - † March 7, 2019 ) was a French journalist and author . He was one of the leading theorists of the New Right in France in the 1970s and 1980s .


For a time, Guillaume Faye belonged to the new right-wing think tank Groupement de Recherche et d'Études pour la Civilization Européenne (GRECE), founded by Alain de Benoist in 1969 . During the split in the organization in 1986, he sided with Yann-Ber Tillenon, Tristan Mordrelle and Goulven Pennaod and turned to the neo-pagan and anti-Christian right. However, as he explained in his book La Nouvelle question juive from 2007 , he rejected the anti-Zionism propagated by many of his colleagues and distanced himself from anti-Semitism . He accused representatives of this position such as Alain Soral or Christian Bouchet of sympathy for Islamism .

At the same time he worked as a journalist and writer for the conservative daily Le Figaro , the weekly Paris-Match and others. In 1987 he retired from politics. In the 1990s he worked as a skyman for the French radio station Skyrock and for the French television channel France 2 .

In 1998 he returned to politics with the publication of several books that made him known as the mastermind of the French extreme right. In 2000 he published the book J'ai Tout Compris! in which he developed his theses in the form of a personal letter. Faye predicted a collapse of European societies under the influence of massive immigration and a war between the West and Islam. Alain de Benoist criticized his former colleague and accused him of extremism in his views. With this conception of a racially and culturally based European identity, he was one of the intellectual fathers of the identity movement .


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