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Gundel is common both as a female first name and as a family name . It is a short form of various first names that are derived from the Old High German "gund".

First name

  • Gundel Paulsen (1926–2018), German educator and editor of anthologies
  • Gundel Wittmann (1905–1990), Berlin athlete, broke the world record in the 100-meter run for women in 1926

family name

  • Elmar Gundel , German rider
  • Gerhard Gundel , German actor
  • Hans Georg Gundel (1912–1999), German ancient historian
  • Johan Gundel (1875–1941), Greenland Councilor
  • Johann Gundel (1844–1915), founding father of the Gundel dynasty and father of Karl Gundel
  • Jörg Gundel (* 1967), German university professor and legal scholar
  • Karl Gundel (Hungarian Károly; 1883–1956), style-defining chef of the Hungarian national cuisine of the 20th century
  • Max Gundel (1901–1949), German hygienist, bacteriologist and university professor.
  • Okka Gundel (* 1974), German sports journalist
  • Wilhelm Gundel (1880–1945), German classical philologist


Literary characters

Other meanings

  • Gundel or Gundelkraut - another name for wild thyme
  • Gundelrebe (also called Gundermann) - a medicinal plant
  • Gundelfingen - name of several places in southern Germany
  • Gundels Giganten - Mainz band of the German folk violinist Gundula Krause
  • Name of different beers of the Kammersteiner brewery Gundel, see list of breweries in Bavaria

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