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Rag collectors early in the morning on the avenue des Gobelins in Paris ;
Photograph by Eugène Atget , 1899

Haderlump even Hader bag , rag bag , Lumpsack , Lump , is a mainly in southern Germany, Austria and Silesia in use dirty word for a pauper or ne'er-do , especially when it comes in ragged clothes. In a figurative sense, "you little rascal " is often used in southern Germany and in Swabian the word "rascal" in the sense of rascal or rascal is said to small children.


The term “rags” goes back to a name for the rag collectors , a group of people wandering around as a traveling people , who collected or bought worn clothes as well as scraps of cloth , so-called “rags” or “rags” , from the population Sold paper mills . From the Middle Ages into the 18th century, rags made of linen , hemp or cotton - together with spinning and rope mill waste - formed the only available fiber raw material in the manufacture of paper .

Linguistics and Etymology

From a linguistic point of view, the word "Hader-lump" is a tautology , a repetition of content.

The word "Hader" is derived from the Old High German "hadara" ("sheep's clothing") and has the same root word as "tangled up":

  • “Something gets tangled”: something gets stuck somewhere because threads have become tangled
  • “Tangle up”: tangle up, lose the thread, get confused

The word is not related to the identical noun "Hader" ("Streit", "Zank", "Zwist") and the derived verb "Hadern" ("argue", "grumble").


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