Cervical rib syndrome

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Classification according to ICD-10
Q76.5 Excess rib in the neck region
G54.0 Shoulder girdle compression syndrome
ICD-10 online (WHO version 2019)

The cervical rib syndrome , also Adson-Coffey syndrome or Naffziger syndrome , according to Howard Naffziger (1884–1956) is the compression of the ducts to the arm by an additional, rudimentary to complete, possibly articulated , rib on the 7th  cervical vertebra in humans. It is sometimes combined with other skeletal anomalies , but often only one-sided.

In mammals, neck ribs are usually no longer created. As a phylogenetic relic, they are an atavism and occur in less than 1% of the population.

Neck ribs on the X-ray.
Left neck rib. Computed tomography 3D reconstruction.

The upper clavicle pit is palpable through an in depth, bone-hard tumor elapsed. Proof is achieved with specially set X-ray images. The cervical rib is often an incidental finding without any disease value.

In the actual cervical rib syndrome, however, there is an impairment of the nerves of the arm plexus and the blood circulation in the subclavian artery or subclavian vein (especially when the arm is raised). The cervical rib syndrome is one of the thoracic outlet syndromes . Treatment consists of surgical removal of the cervical rib.

There is a scientific debate as to whether there is an increased risk of cancer in early childhood if there are cervical ribs.

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