Hand glacier

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Hand glacier
location Victoria Land , East Antarctica
Mountains Victory Mountains , Transantarctic Mountains
Type Valley glacier
Coordinates 72 ° 58 ′  S , 168 ° 5 ′  E Coordinates: 72 ° 58 ′  S , 168 ° 5 ′  E
Hand Glacier (Antarctica)
Hand glacier
drainage Borchgrevink Glacier

The Hand Glacier is a deeply furrowed valley glacier in East Antarctic Victoria Land . It flows from the eastern slopes of the Malta Plateau in the Victory Mountains in an easterly direction along the southern flank of the Clapp Ridge to the Borchgrevink Glacier .

It was mapped using measurements from the United States Geological Survey and using aerial photographs by the United States Navy between 1960 and 1964. The Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names named it in 1970 after Cadet Hammond Hand Jr. (1920-2006), a biologist specializing in invertebrates at McMurdo Station from 1967 to 1968.

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