Hans Grund (Major General)

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Hans Grund (born February 1, 1896 in Eisleben , † July 8, 1976 in Hamburg ) was a German major general in the Air Force during World War II .


Grund served in the infantry during World War I and switched to the police after the war. In 1933 he joined the NSDAP .

On March 1, 1936, he went to the newly formed Air Force as a major and attended a course at the Tutow Aviation School. On July 1, 1937, he became a squadron captain in Kampfgeschwader 153. After his promotion to Lieutenant Colonel , he was group commander of Group II of Kampfgeschwader 153 from April 1, 1938. When this squadron was renamed Kampfgeschwader 3 on May 1, 1939, he took over III . Group.

On July 1, 1939, he took over the post of commander of the airport area command (Koflug) Stade . Airport area commands were commands of the Luftwaffe's ground organization, to which several air bases, E-ports and the supply facilities located in their area were subordinate. They were subordinate to the Luftgau commandos. From May 9, 1940, he held the post of Koflug Groningen in the Netherlands , which were attacked by the German side a day later as part of the western campaign . On June 21, he went back to Germany and became the commander of the airport area commands Langenhagen , Stendal , Lüneburg and Stade . There he was promoted to colonel on July 1, 1940 . After the German attack on the Soviet Union , he changed from June 29, 1941 to the Luftgaustab for special use in the area of Army Group North on the Eastern Front. Grund remained deployed in the Eastern Front for the next few years, when he served in the staffs of the air district command Moscow and Charkow and the field air district command XXV in Minsk . From August 21, 1943, he successively led the airport area commands Koflug 5 / XI , Koflug 3 / VIII and Koflug 6 / VI . On January 1, 1944, he was promoted to major general before he took over Luftgautruppen 11 as commander on November 8, 1944 . At the end of the war he was taken prisoner, from which he was released on January 18, 1947.

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