Hans Jakob of Gemmingen

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Hans Jakob von Gemmingen (born July 11, 1553 , † 1622 in Mühlhausen ) was the prince-Augsburg councilor and caretaker in Oberndorf.


He was a son of Hans Dietrich von Gemmingen (1516–1566) and Magdalena Mundpratt von Spiegelberg († 1566) from the Steinegg line of the barons of Gemmingen . Like many members of his family, he entered the service of the prince-bishop of Augsburg, where his brother Johann Otto von Gemmingen (1545–1596) was prince-bishop from 1591 and where Hans Jakob and his brother Hans Diepold held the office of council. Several of Hans Jakobs' sons also found their livelihood in Augsburg services. The feeble-minded Hans Georg was cared for in the monastery of the Holy Cross , son Hans Wilhelm became canon in Augsburg, son Eitel Dietrich was an Augsburg hunter and followed his father as a nurse in Oberndorf.

The epitaph for Hans Jakob von Gemmingen and his wife Barbara von Breitenlandenburg is preserved in the Catholic Church of St. Alexander in Mühlhausen.


He was married to Barbara von Breitenlandenburg.


  • Hans Dietrich (* 1578), feeble-minded
  • Karl (1580–1581)
  • Hans Georg (* 1581), feeble-minded, came to the Holy Cross in Augsburg for this reason
  • Hans Wilhelm (1583–1621), canon in Augsburg and Eichstätt
  • Hans Rudolph (1584–1637), Land Commander of the Teutonic Order in Austria
  • Eitel Dietrich (* 1586), princely Augsburg hunting master and nurse in Oberndorf
  • Barbara ⚭ Ilsung von Kronenberg
  • Maria Magdalena (1591 – after 1666) ⚭ Hans Ulrich von Lichtenstein
  • Anna Sibylla (1594–1665), master of the Urspring Monastery