Hans Josef Haas

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Hans Josef Haas (born January 23, 1956 in Schönecken ) is a German administrative lawyer . Since January 1, 2016 he has been Vice President of the General Customs Directorate .

Professional career

After graduating from the Regino-Gymnasium in Prüm , Haas studied law at the University of Bonn . In 1982 he completed his studies with the first state examination in law. Haas passed his second state examination in 1985 at the State Judicial Examination Office in North Rhine-Westphalia.

From December 1985 to July 1986, Haas worked as a judge at the Kleve Regional Court . Then he joined the federal finance administration . From October 1986 to August 2008 he held various positions in the Federal Ministry of Finance . Among other things, he headed the cabinet department under the then Federal Minister of Finance Theo Waigel . In addition, he was head of the working group set up in the federal government in connection with the investigation committee "GDR assets" of the 13th German Bundestag. In the Federal Ministry of Finance, he was most recently head of the department responsible for the financial control of the customs administration , which was newly created in 2004 . From September 2008 to December 2015, Haas was President of the Federal Finance Directorate West in Cologne. With the establishment of the General Customs Directorate in Bonn in January 2016, Haas was given the office of Vice President. In 2018 he temporarily headed the General Customs Directorate for a few months until Colette Hercher was appointed to this position in August 2018 .

Individual evidence

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