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The Bundesfinanzdirektion (BFD) were 2008-2015 German federal funding agencies with responsibility to the Federal Ministry of Finance . On January 1, 2016, they were replaced by the newly established General Customs Directorate.


After the amendment to the Finance Administration Act , the Federal Finance Directorates replaced the federal departments of the previous regional finance directorates on January 1, 2008. This organizational change was based on the results of the Customs Structural Development Project . When the law on the reorganization of the customs administration came into force , the Federal Finance Directorates were dissolved on January 1, 2016 and the General Customs Directorate was introduced as the new higher federal authority. The previous locations of the BFDs were retained as branch offices of the General Customs Directorate.


Districts of the Federal Finance Directorates
  • BFD North
  • BFD middle
  • BFD West
  • BFD Southwest
  • BFD Southeast
  • The locations of the five federal finance offices were:

    Federal Finance Directorates Seat Main customs offices
    BFD middle Potsdam Berlin , Bielefeld , Braunschweig , Dresden , Frankfurt (Oder) , Hanover , Magdeburg , Osnabrück and Potsdam
    BFD North Hamburg Bremen , Hamburg-Hafen, Hamburg-Jonas, Hamburg-Stadt, Itzehoe , Kiel , Oldenburg and Stralsund
    BFD Southeast Nuremberg Augsburg , Erfurt , Landshut , Munich , Nuremberg, Regensburg , Rosenheim , and Schweinfurt
    BFD Southwest Neustadt an der Weinstrasse Darmstadt , Heilbronn , Karlsruhe , Koblenz , Lörrach , Saarbrücken , Singen , Stuttgart , and Ulm
    BFD West Cologne Aachen , Dortmund , Duisburg , Düsseldorf , Frankfurt am Main Airport, Giessen , Cologne, Krefeld and Münster

    The previous customs and excise tax departments of the following regional tax offices were dissolved and the connected main customs offices (HZÄ) were redistributed to the federal tax offices:

    • Chemnitz (in Dresden)
    • Hanover
    • Karlsruhe (in Freiburg im Breisgau)
    • Koblenz (in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse)
    • Cottbus (in Potsdam)
    • Hamburg
    • Cologne and
    • Nuremberg.

    In some cases, main customs offices were transferred to other federal finance offices in order to make the division and workload of the districts more even.

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