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The observation units inch ( EET ) in addition to the Central Customs Support Group (ZUZ) special units of the German Federal Customs Administration . There are eight OEZ at the respective locations of the customs investigation offices .


The observation units inches have the task of suspicious persons from the area of the middle, serious and organized crime to watch , concealed evidence to search and possibly arrest . In addition, these are also used for reconnaissance, protection and security measures. The OEZ can be compared with the Mobile Task Force (MEK) of the police forces of the federal states . They primarily support the customs investigation service and the financial control of illegal work , but also all German state police, the state criminal investigation offices and the federal criminal investigation office .


In the eight customs investigation offices, the OEZ is part of the subject area  200 "Operation support", alongside the technical services and the situation and information service. Technical task forces (TEG) are set up at every OEZ. These are responsible for the complex support technology for the ongoing operational measures, such as location, night vision , thermal imaging , video and audio technology.

Aptitude test and training

The suitability for use in the OEZ is determined in a one-week selection process. It consists of a medical examination, a sporting or practical and psychological test as well as a presentation to a selection committee. Subsequently, the personnel at the OEZ receive further qualifications in order to be active as an emergency trainer for sport or shooting, paramedic , driver safety trainer , emergency technician, legend officer and much more besides their observation work . The selection process has been taking place in a new form since 2019. It is now carried out separately in two steps. Part 1 contains written psychological tests (one day) and part 2 athletic acceptance tests as well as individual discussions with the psychologist and the selection committee (five days). As part 1, applicants receive information as to whether they are admitted to part 2.

The training to become an OEZ official takes a relatively long time of 28 weeks. The training focuses on observation tactics, shooting, arrests and unarmed self-defense. At the same time, the trainees should be guided to their physical and mental resilience again and again.

In addition, there are extensive driver safety training courses that last 3 weeks.

In principle, the aspirants can miss the course goal on any day during this time and thus do not pass the training to become an ADC officer.


Against the background of more and more organized and conspiratorial criminals in the area of ​​responsibility of customs, surveillance became increasingly important at the end of the 1980s. In the course of this development, the ADC was set up at the customs investigation offices.


The eight customs investigation offices, each of which has an OEZ, are in Berlin , Dresden , Essen , Frankfurt am Main , Hamburg , Hanover , Munich and Stuttgart .


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