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The German customs investigation service is part of the Federal Customs Administration and reports to the Federal Ministry of Finance . It consists of the Customs Criminal Police Office (ZKA) and the Customs Investigation Offices .

The ZKA , the Central Customs Support Group (ZUZ) as a special unit subordinate. This is comparable to the GSG 9 of the federal police or the SEK of the state police . The customs investigation offices, in turn, are assigned the customs observation units (OEZ), comparable to the MEK of the federal states, as well as the joint financial investigation groups (GFG) and the joint drug investigation groups (GER, police / customs cooperation).

The customs investigation service works on the basis of various laws and regulations, e.g. B. the Customs Code of the Union , the Customs Code Implementing Regulation , the Customs Investigation Service Act , the Foreign Trade Act and the Foreign Trade Regulation, as well as a large number of tax and criminal laws and can be understood as the "criminal police of the customs administration". However, the customs investigation service is part of the federal financial administration and its employees are not police officers , but customs officers in the capacity of investigators for the public prosecutor's office .

For this purpose, customs officers are trained to become customs investigators ( Section 3, Paragraph 7, Clause 1 of the ZFdG (Customs Investigation Service Act) ). Insofar as they carry out investigations, the customs investigation officers have the same rights and obligations as the authorities and officers of the police service according to the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure ( Section 26 (1) sentence 1 ZFdG ). They are federal enforcement officers within the meaning of the UZwG (customs enforcement officers) and are entitled to use firearms when applying direct compulsion ( Section 6 No. 2 UZwG , Section 9 No. 2 UZwG ).

As a law enforcement authority, the customs investigation department is responsible for the prosecution of moderate, serious and organized crime in the area of ​​responsibility of the customs administration with the exception of offenses in the area of financial control of undeclared work .


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