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The officers of the Border Inspection Agency (GASt) of the Federal Republic of Germany at a customs commissioner monitor the external border ( customs border ) of the European Union (so-called border supervision ) under customs law and border police . Each customs office has several GUESTS.

The border inspection post usually consists of a supervising official (aB), a representative of the supervising official (VaB) and other officials. The number of civil servants is adapted to local needs and therefore varies. There are very small GUES with only one official (the aB), but also large GUES with 10 officials and more. The officers are equipped with several vehicles and patrol around the clock. Some customs officers have service dogs who specialize in drugs , weapons , products of animal origin, and explosives or cash.

There are also special GUESTS like the GUEST "F" (radiotelephone center). A host F is similar to a command center at the police . All patrols report here, inquiries are made, etc. Furthermore, there are GASten "S" (special border surveillance offices), which carry special equipment such as cavity probes to check cavities for contraband without having to dismantle everything. There were also GASten WBG which were equipped with thermal imaging devices. These were mounted on VW vans. With these thermal imaging devices (BAE) larger border sections were monitored.

At the Swiss border there are border inspection posts that only carry out entry controls ( border control , customs control ) at the customs offices.

These special GUESTS are not available at every customs office. A GASt F can be the control center of several customs offices. She is authorized to issue instructions over all strips (including those of other customs offices).

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Furthermore, as a replacement for the former customs reinforcement units (ZVE), the GASt'EN (Border Inspection Centers mot) "V" (reinforcement) were newly established from approx. 1979 (e.g. the GASt mot "V" Hallschlag II in Hallschlag in the Eifel with 2 VW Bus T 3 (1980 test vehicle from VW) "radio name:" Glocke "in the ZKom Körperich).

The task here were mainly the increased searches for drugs, weapons, drugs, cigarette smuggling and defense against terrorism. Attacks. The missions also took place in civilian clothes. Corresponding raids were also carried out in the hinterland.