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The border inspection service ( GAD for short ) was a uniformed and armed work unit of the Federal Customs Administration . She primarily dealt with the customs law and border police surveillance of the customs borders of the European Union . One of their main tasks was to prevent the movement (import, export, transit) of prohibited goods and substances (see border control and smuggling ) and to monitor their restricted traffic (see VuB rules ).

With the harmonization of the EU internal market and the accession of further states to the EU, the GAD has become superfluous at these borders or has been replaced by another working unit of the German customs administration, the mobile control groups. The remaining tasks of the border inspection service on the border with Switzerland , at international airports and on the North Sea and Baltic Sea ( water customs ) have been carried out by the newly formed control units since the implementation of the customs structure development project .


The GAD was structured as follows:

Federal Ministry of Finance

Federal Finance Directorate (until 2007: Oberfinanzdirektion )
Main customs office
Customs Commission (border inspection service)
Border inspection office (border inspection service, land customs service )
Customs ship station (border inspection service; water customs service )


For the story see also the main article Customs Border Guard (1937–1949).

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