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The customs commissariats of the Federal Republic of Germany were part of the Federal Customs Administration and, with their border inspection posts and customs ship stations, were responsible for the police and customs surveillance of the borders of the federal territory, insofar as these were EU external borders. The border surveillance extended to the land borders, the coast, the border waters and the North and Baltic Seas. Seaward of the boundary of the German territorial sea, additional tasks were performed, e.g. B. Fisheries protection , continental shelf monitoring (i.e. the monitoring of submarine mining and prospecting rights), environmental protection and traffic safety tasks.

The deployment of all authorities entrusted with enforcement tasks at sea in the North and Baltic Seas was coordinated in two coast guard centers. Some customs ship stations were used to search ships coming from abroad and to clear ships.

With the implementation of the Customs Structural Development project , the duties of the customs commissioners have been transferred to the newly formed control units for the border areas and the sea.

Structure within the customs administration

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