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Hans Peter Schönlaub (born January 19, 1942 in Güstrow ) is an Austrian geologist and paleontologist . From 1993 to 2009 he was director of the Federal Geological Institute in Vienna.

life and work

Schönlaub graduated from high school in Spittal an der Drau , did his military service in 1961 and studied from 1962 first for teaching and from 1963 geology, mineralogy and paleontology at the University of Graz , where he received his doctorate in 1970 under Helmut W. Flügel , and was from 1971 at the Federal Geological Institute. In 1973 he spent a year at Ohio State University and in 1983 with a Humboldt fellowship at RWTH Aachen University . In 1992 he was appointed associate professor for historical geology at the University of Salzburg. In addition to Salzburg (since the 1970s) he has also given lectures at the universities of Graz and Vienna (since 1979). In 1991 he became head of the paleontology department at the Federal Institute. As director of the Federal Agency, he made particular efforts to establish international networking and public relations.

He dealt in particular with the stratigraphy of the Austrian Paleozoic Era with the help of microfossils ( conodonts ). Regional focuses of his work were the Carnic Alps (where he mapped in the 1970s) and Carinthia .

He has been a full member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences since 2002 and has headed its geoscientific center, which was newly established this year, since 2007. He is a member of the IUGS sub-commission for the stratigraphy of Silurian and Devonian and its working group for the Ordovician / Silurian and Devonian / Carboniferous border. He is a member of the European Working Group on Geotope Protection.

In 1999 he received the Leopold von Buch badge .

He is married and has three children.


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