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Hans Zimmer (* around 1885 ; † after 1949) was a German artist. He later wrote about circus and artistry as a journalist.


In 1933 Zimmer was temporarily detained by the Secret State Police . Then he got a job with the high wire troop of Camilio Mayer , known as "Napoleon of the skies". The star of the troupe was Lotte Witte alias Camilla Mayer . Zimmer was initially employed in the troops as a worker and later in a managerial position. He kept his distance from Camilio Mayer. After Lotte Witte had fatally crashed in the Deutschlandhalle in 1940 , it broke. Camilio Mayer was sentenced to three years in prison in Szczecin ; but he took part as a medic in the western campaign and gave a guest appearance at Sarrasani .

Zimmer continued to run Mayer's company under the name of Camilla Mayer-Hochseiltruppe . His new star, Ruth Hempel from Breslau, called herself "Camilla Mayer II". In Breslau, Zimmer also founded an art school with 40 students at the beginning, but the number quickly fell during the war years. In 1943 the Camilla Mayer troupe was banned from performing by the National Socialists. Zimmer had been excluded from the Reich Chamber of Culture , which amounted to a professional ban. Walter Tießler on the staff of the Fuehrer's deputy rejected his request for resumption. The extremely negative opinion of the Schausteller student council under Paul Damm was also decisive. During the battle for Breslau , Zimmer, his students Siegward Bach and Gisela Lenort and a few technicians came to Dresden . There they ventured a fresh start after the end of the war. In 1947 Zimmer and Ruth Hempel directed the DEFA documentary Artist under the clouds under the director Kurt Krigar about the fate of Camilla Mayer who died in an accident.

The new Camilla Mayer troop regained an international reputation. The artists apparently left the Soviet occupation zone at that time and settled in West Germany . Zimmer had spectacular ideas. At the Zugspitze in 1948 he had a 130 m high rope stretched over a 1000 m deep gorge between the east and west peaks up to the tower building of the cable car. The rope was provided by the American military administration. Siegward Bach did the rope run in bad weather , who repeated this spectacle like Gisela Lenort on a later occasion. In many cases, the artists made their fees available for food for children and the workers' welfare.

A dispute over naming rights began with Camilio Mayer. He performed his “Camilio Mayer Stratosphere Show”, but wanted the name Camilla Mayer back. His daughter, the real Camilla Mayer, also litigated Zimmer. The legal battles brought Zimmer into economic difficulties. In 1949 he returned the company name "Mayer". Taken over by a French tour promoter , the ensemble performed with French circus troupes until the early 1960s.

Individual evidence

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