Harald Hans Koerner

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Harald Hans Körner (born June 23, 1944 ) is a German lawyer and author.


Grains in 1976 at the Law and Economics Faculty of the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz with a thesis on the topic of aging people in dealing with minors sexual derailments doctorate . He advocated the introduction of old-age criminal law.

Körner was senior public prosecutor at the Frankfurt am Main public prosecutor and head of the Hessian Central Office for Combating Narcotics Crime (ZfB) at the Frankfurt am Main public prosecutor's office . He was one of the fathers of the Frankfurt Monday round of the city of Frankfurt and the author of an important commentary on the Narcotics Act up to the 6th edition, as well as a member of the board of trustees of the German headquarters for addiction issues . He was a board member of the National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) in Bonn, consultant and member of the Drugs and Addiction Commission of the Federal Ministry of Health .


  • 1966: Award for youth magazine reflexe on the Vietnam War at the Frankfurt Book Fair
  • 1967: “Amicus Poloniae” - Award for the youth magazine reflexe about Poland in Warsaw
  • 1997: "Spear Award for Achievement in the Field of Control and Enforcement" from The Drug Policy Foundation in New Orleans (Louisiana)
  • 1997: Award for the concept of drug control at the city conference in Medellin (Colombia) "Las Grandes Ciudades y Los Planes Sobre Drogas"
  • 2009: "Josh von Soer Prize" of the drug aid association accepted for life's work


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