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Harald Schweizer (* July 23, 1944 ; † December 28, 2017 ) was a German Catholic theologian and linguist .


Harald Schweizer was professor for introductory science at the University of Tübingen until 1989 . After his marriage in 1989, his teaching license was revoked and he resigned from the Church. He switched to the Wilhelm Schickard Institute for Computer Science at the University of Tübingen as a professor for methodology of computer-aided text interpretation . He gave his farewell lecture on July 13, 2010. Schweizer died on December 28, 2017 and was buried in Mössingen .


Schweizer was one of the first to use computers for literature analysis and thus made them useful for the humanities. He presented an extensive analysis of the Joseph story .

Schweizer initiated and operated the alternative grammar project, which aims to make knowledge of modern linguistics usable for schools. He criticizes the usual layout of school grammars and calls for a new version of the terms syntax , semantics and pragmatics . With Schweizer, the “ grammar ” is not limited to sentence analysis, but extends to the text level and takes into account the situation in which the text was created. The method separation between grammar and literature analysis should be overcome.


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  • Metaphorical grammar. Ways to integrate grammar and text interpretation in exegesis. EOS-Verlag, Sankt Ottilien 1981, ISBN 978-3-880965157 . At the same time he did his habilitation thesis at the Catholic-Theological Faculty of the University of Munich.
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