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Harald Stadler (born March 6, 1959 in Lienz , East Tyrol ) is an Austrian medieval archaeologist .

After studying prehistory and early history , classical archeology and the history of the Middle Ages at the University of Innsbruck , he received his doctorate in 1985 with the subject "The prehistoric and early historical finds of the Sonnenburg hill. A contribution to settlement ceramics in Tyrol". Until 1991 he worked as a freelancer at the Austrian Federal Monuments Office , the Vienna City Archeology and the Institute for Classical Archeology and the Institute for Prehistory and Protohistory at the University of Innsbruck, from 1992 assistant at the Institute for Prehistory and Protohistory. In 2000 he received his habilitation at his home university with the venia legendi "Prehistory and Early History as well as Medieval and Modern Archeology".

Stadler's research at the Innsbruck Department of Medieval and Modern Archeology, which Konrad Spindler established, contributed to the establishment of this discipline in western Austria. These include glacier archeology (spurred on by the discovery of the glacier mummy from Tisenjoch ) and archeology "above the sward" in blind floors or scaffolding holes in buildings, since 2002 also activities on contemporary archeology of the First World War (Dolomite Front) and Second World War ( Cossacks in Lienz) , also the subject areas of economic history and numismatics of the Middle Ages, handicraft and regional history, fabrics and clothing, history of Tyrol (weapons and castles), Tyrol Castle and excavation documentation.

Harald Stadler is editor of the NEARCHOS and PREARCHOS magazine series and on the editorial board of the digital magazine "Histarch".

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