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Veronica decumbens, Syn .: Hebe decumbens

Veronica decumbens , Syn .: Hebe decumbens

Euasterids I
Order : Mint family (Lamiales)
Family : Plantain family (Plantaginaceae)
Genre : Speedwell ( Veronica )
Subgenus : Lift
Scientific name
Veronica subgen. Lift
( Juss. ) MMMart.Ort. , Albach & MAFisch.

Hebe ( Hebe ) used to be a genus and is now part of the genus speedwell ( Veronica ). These 100 or so species all bear the name Veronica today , Hebe is now synonymous. This is how the German name New Zealand Shrub Veronika is justified. Botanical lifting are the family of Plantain Family assigned (Plantaginaceae), formerly the Figwort plants (Scrophulariaceae). Heben are named after Hebe , the Greek goddess of youth.


They are evergreen shrub species that are almost exclusively found in New Zealand and reach a height of approx. 150 cm.

Basically, two groups can be distinguished: The large-leaved, autumn-flowering varieties are persistent, but they do not tolerate frosts. The small-leaved varieties bloom from early May to autumn, they are frost-tolerant, but should be protected from severe frosts. In general, the smaller the leaves, the more cold-tolerant the variety is.

The Hebe species are very similar in their plant structure, only the leaves of the varieties are versatile. The leaf types range from yellowish, conifer- like scales over rounded blue-gray types to bluish leaves on black branches.


Due to the different growth forms and foliage colors, lifting is enjoying increasing popularity. Lifts are being used more and more in modern garden design. Lifting is often used as a structural component, and plantings are also enriched with a wide variety of green tones.

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