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The tanker Nord Independence belongs to a Panamanian company and is therefore registered in Panama: The flag and legal home port are therefore Panama.

The home port (formerly also: Registerhafen ; English home port or port of registry ) of a ship is the place where the ship is registered in a ship registry kept there . In Germany, barges are referred to as home .

A ship does not necessarily have to call at this port at some point. Ships flying the flag of a landlocked country are often not able to do this at all. Also by flagging out there are ships that have never been seen in their home port. However, fishing vessels must have a reference to their home port in their fishing license plates.


Gorch Fock Kiel 2001.jpg
The Gorch Fock in her home port of Kiel at the Blücherbrücke in 2001
Gorch Fock lies in front of the Mürwik Naval School (Flensburg) .jpg
The Gorch Fock in Flensburg in front of the Mürwik Naval School , to which it reports

  • Freight and cruise ships from German shipping companies rarely fly under the German flag. The shipowners justify this with high costs. Registration abroad offers tax and labor law advantages for companies. A disadvantage, however, is the poorer protection against pirate attacks , as the German government could help ships flying the German flag much better in such situations.
  • Many shipowners use offshore constructs for flagging out . For example, when flagging out to Panama, letterbox companies are set up there . The ship then receives the new flag of the state in which the new home port is located, for example the Panama flag .
  • Warships are stationed in their home port, regardless of their subordination or affiliation to an association.


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