Heinrich Rotenberger

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Heinrich Rotenberger was a bell founder from Heilbronn in the 16th century .


He came from Nuremberg and requested citizenship in the imperial city of Heilbronn in 1557 in order to practice his trade as a redsmith there for a year . The Great Bell, dated 1567, comes from him from the time of the rebuilding of the Regiswindis Church in Lauffen am Neckar , probably a casting of old bell material, which Heinrich Rottenberger zu Halprun cast according to its inscription . The bell in the Evangelical Church in Möckmühl- Ruchsen, dated 1565, has the same Renaissance frieze . He was dead in January 1568 when his widow asked for tax deferral that year. The widow married the Ehingen bell founder Johann Bechtolt Meslang , who received Heilbronn citizenship in August 1568.