Heinz Emmerich

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Heinz Emmerich (born February 25, 1908 in Berlin ; † March 10, 1986 ) was a German soccer player who played three games in the German national soccer team in 1931 .


Emmerich learned how to use round leather in Pankow . At Tennis Borussia Berlin , he and Hans Brunke formed one of the best defensive pairs in Germany for years . From 1928 to 1932 he drew five times in a row with the "Veilchen" as a representative of Brandenburg in the finals of the German football championship . The 20-year-old defender saw his first final round match on July 8, 1928 in Hamborn in a 3-1 win against Prussia Krefeld. Sepp Herberger stormed in the attack from TeBe. When the purple-whites from Charlottenburg competed as champions in the finals in 1932, they lost 1: 3 goals at Eintracht Frankfurt, where, similar to TeBe with Franz Schütz and Hans Stubb , an outstanding pair of defenders formed the support of the game. From 1928 to 1932 Emmerich came to eight finals.

On April 28, 1929, Brandenburg won the final of the Federal Cup with 4-1 goals against northern Germany. Paul Gehlhaar from Hertha BSC stood in the goal and the TeBe defender couple Emmerich and Brunke ensured safety beforehand. In the following season, the North Germans turned the game around and won the final in Alton with 2-0 goals against Brandenburg. Again, Emmerich and Brunke defended. Reich coach Otto Nerz appointed Emmerich for the first time for the international match on April 26, 1931 in the national team. In the 1-1 draw against the Netherlands, he was not used yet. After the declassing 6-0 defeat against Austria on May 24 in Berlin - with defenders Albert Beier and Heinrich Weber - Emmerich and Brunke were invited to the Nordland trip in June 1931 with the international matches against Sweden and Norway by the DFB. On June 17, Emmerich made his debut in the 0-0 in Stockholm in the national team. Willibald Kreß guarded the goal and the TeBe pair Emmerich and Brunke formed the defensive pair. Four days later, on June 21 in Oslo, the DFB-Elf competed with the Stockholm formation against Norway. The third test of the final triangle but succeeded on September 13 in Vienna against the its "Wunderelf" of Hugo Meisl not. The attack by striker Matthias Sindelar prevailed with 5-0 goals and then Emmerich's international career was over.

With Brandenburg he was again in the finals for the federal cup in 1933. The first game ended on July 23 in Berlin against Bayern 2-2 draw after extra time and in the replay the South Germans clearly prevailed on August 6 in Munich with 6-1 goals. He later joined SV Elektra and BEWAG Berlin.