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Weber (3rd from right) before an international match against Italy

Heinrich "Heini" Weber (born June 21, 1900 in Altena ; † January 22, 1977 in Kassel) was a German soccer player who played twelve international games in the German national soccer team from 1928 to 1931 and also participated in the Olympic Games Was in Amsterdam in 1928 .


"Heini" Weber started his sporting career as a gymnast at TV 1860 Marburg, before he joined the newly founded club Marburg 17 and started his career as a footballer. Through his professional training as a master optician in Leipzig, he played from 1921 to 1923 at VfB there , where he was also retrained as a defender. From 1923 he settled in Kassel in northern Hesse , where he set up a specialty shop and joined the local SV Kurhessen Kassel as a footballer. The defender won the championship with the blue and white in the 1923/24 season in the Hessischer Kreis unit league, celebrated the 1924/25 championship in the Hessen-Hanover League, as well as in the 1926/27 and 1927/28 rounds in the Hesse district class -Hannover. But in the finals for the West German championship - the SV Kurhessen belonged to neither the north nor the south at that time - Kassel could not prevail and "Heini" Weber therefore never played in the finals for the German football championship . Since his style of play was neither spectacular nor technically outstanding - he was characterized by solid ball handling, objective and reliable defensive play and his consistency - he was only able to distinguish himself nationally through his appointments to the West German selection in the competition of the Federal Cup 1927/28, as he was able to recommend himself in the three semi-finals in January, February and on April 1, 1928 in Altona in the second replay against northern Germany in front of the eyes of Reich trainer Otto Nerz for higher tasks. The actors from Düsseldorf ( Willi Pesch , Konrad Heidkamp , Ernst Albrecht ), Duisburg ( Hermann Flick , Hans Gruber , August Sackenheim , Ernst Holstein ), Cologne ( Erich Schröder , Georg Euler ), Schalke 04 ( Ernst Kuzorra ) formed together with the man from Kassel the West German selection.

Nerz called the straightforward-playing defender with the long passes to the Olympic squad for the 1928 Games in Amsterdam alongside his fellow defenders Albert Beier , Emil Kutterer and Josef Müller . There, "Heini" Weber made a surprising debut - Kutterer or Müller had been expected in his place - on May 28, 1928 at the Olympic soccer tournament against Switzerland as a left defender in the national soccer team. In the 4-0 victory - three goals by Richard Hofmann - against the Confederates led by Rudolf Ramseyer and Frank Séchehaye , he formed the defensive of the mink together with goalkeeper Heiner Stuhlfauth , defender colleague Albert Beier and the runner row Georg Knöpfle , Hans Kalb and Ludwig Leinberger Team. On June 3, the German team competed against defending champions Uruguay in the same line-up as against Switzerland. The DFB team lost 1: 4 goals against the team from Río de la Plata , led by José Nasazzi and Pedro Petrone .

The international matches against Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland followed for the man from Kassel, before the match against Italy in Turin on April 28, 1929. Reichstrainer Nerz relied on Heinrich Stuhlfauth in goal on the defensive, on Albert Beier and Weber in defense and on Hans Geiger , Ludwig Leinberger and Georg Knöpfle in the runner row . The game brought a 2-1 success for Germany and the defensive presented itself in strong shape, in particular goalkeeper Stuhlfauth received positive reviews. After his 12th international match on May 24, 1931 in Berlin against Austria, Hugo Meisl's " miracle team " outclassed the German team with 6-0 goals, Heini Weber's international career was over. In the club he ended his active career in March 1932 due to persistent knee problems.

After the Second World War he worked temporarily as a trainer at Hessen Kassel; he was also head of the local football department there and was also at the club's side in later years.

In addition to football

Heinrich Weber founded Heini Weber OHG in Kassel, a specialist shop that sold electronic products. The parent company was located on Wilhelmsstrasse, but it also included several branches.


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