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Positions of the full-backs in football (4-4-2)

A full-back , more precisely referred to as a left-back or right-back , depending on the side , is a player in the defensive position in football . Its main task is to prevent lateral crossings, to open the game from behind and to put pressure on the flanks , especially in game systems like "4-3-3" , "4-4-2" or "4-2-3- 1 ” to generate. In addition, it is mostly full-backs who take a throw-in.

In contrast to the central defender , the full- back plays near the sideline, the lateral boundary of the field , and is quite offensively oriented. This position is one of the most intensive running in modern football, as the action radius of a full-back extends from his own defensive line to the opposing baseline. Thus, on the one hand, the full-back is required to be in good physical condition and, on the other, to be able to sprint quickly, as he helps shape the offensive from his own to the opponent's penalty area and, after losing the ball, has to quickly run back to his own penalty area to support his own central defender. Both the defender and the goalkeeper try to clear the ball to the side after an opposing attack, so that the ball can often be picked up by the full-backs. Through crosses and one- two- pass play, the full-back often gets into more offensive positions than players in front of him in midfield. As a result, full-backs sometimes generate more assists than defensive midfielders.

With opposing corners and lateral standards, the full-backs are often pulled to the baseline to cover the corners of the goal or they take over the man's mark. Many full-backs kick corners or side free kicks themselves. Well-known representatives in this position were / are: Roberto Carlos , Ashley Cole , Patrice Evra , Fabio Grosso , Philipp Lahm , Bixente Lizarazu , Maicon , Sergio Ramos , Marcelo , David Alaba .


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