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Heinz Spode (born August 10, 1911 , † after 1954) was a German politician ( CDU ). From 1950 to 1952 he was a member of the Brandenburg State Parliament .


After the Second World War, Spode became a member of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU). At the 5th party congress of the CDU in September 1950 he was elected as a member of the main board. At that time he lived on Eberswalder Strasse in Britz, (Oberbarnim) . From November 1950 to July 1952 he was a member of the CDU parliamentary group in the Brandenburg state parliament.

On May 24, 1952, he was elected a member of the state executive committee at the state party conference of the Brandenburg CDU . He only held this position for a short time, as the federal states were abolished and districts formed in the summer of 1952 with the administrative reform in the GDR . The Brandenburg state parliament was also dissolved and the members of the state parliament were taken over from the three newly created districts. Spode, meanwhile district councilor in Luckenwalde , was assigned to the Potsdam district assembly as a member of parliament in August 1952 and was appointed honorary member of the CDU district executive committee on September 15, 1952 at the CDU district delegate conference.

At the 6th party congress in October 1952, he was re-elected to the main board of the party as deputy chairman of the council of the Jüterbog district, to which he belonged until his flight to West Berlin in February 1954. His last position was in 1954 as CDU district chairman in Kyritz .


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