Henriette Katharina Agnes of Anhalt-Dessau

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Princess Agnese of Anhalt-Dessau

Henriette Katharina Agnes von Anhalt-Dessau (born June 5, 1744 in Dessau , † December 15, 1799 in Dessau) was a princess of Anhalt-Dessau , dean in Herford Abbey and by marriage Baroness von Loën.


Agnes, also called Agnese, was a daughter of Prince Leopold II of Anhalt-Dessau (1700–1751) from his marriage to Gisela Agnes (1722–1751), daughter of Prince Leopold of Anhalt-Köthen . At the age of six months, Agnes became a canon at Herford Abbey, which was to ensure her lifelong support. A particularly close relationship developed with her sisters Maria Leopoldine and Kasimire . She followed them to Detmold when they got married there. As the eldest sister, Agnes took on the duties of representation at the Dessau court until her brother Leopold III married , after which she moved again to Detmold and after the death of her sister she lived in Herford Abbey from 1769, where she became dean.

She married on October 26, 1779 in Haus Bosfeld Freiherr Johann Jost von Loën, Lord on Cappeln and Tecklenburg (1737-1803), a son of Johann Michael von Loën . Johann Jost's mother was a first cousin of Catharina Elisabeth Goethe , the mother of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe . Agnes and Johann Jost lived in Dessau from 1795 and played an active part in the city's social life. The family was in close contact with the relative Goethe. After a visit in 1796, he wrote: “ In Dessau we were delighted by the memories of earlier times: the von Loën family showed themselves to be a pleasant, trusting relatives, and the earliest days and hours in Frankfurt could be remembered together. "

Agnes' son Friedrich later became Oberhofmarschall at the Dessau court, her daughter Agnes became the wife of Count Ernst Heinrich Leopold von Seherr-Thoß.


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