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Henry Holt's 1904 publishing emblem

Henry Holt and Company is an American publisher founded in New York City in 1866 .

Founders were Henry Holt (1840-1926) and Frederick Leypoldt (1835-1884), a Stuttgart-born bookseller and bibliographer in Philadelphia. At first the company was called Holt and Leypoldt, from 1873 Henry Holt and Company. Holt himself was also a newspaper founder and novelist.

In 1960 Holt and Leypoldt merged with Rinehart & Company (New York) and John C. Winston (Philadelphia) to form Holt, Rinehart and Winston. In 1967 the publishing house was taken over by CBS and split up in 1985, with the publishing part with Holt going to the Georg von Holtzbrinck publishing group , which placed it in their US business at Macmillan . The textbook section was sold to Harcourt .

The publisher's authors included Erich Fromm , Paul Auster , Hilary Mantel , Robert Frost , Hermann Hesse , Norman Mailer , Herta Müller , Thomas Pynchon , Robert Louis Stevenson , Iwan Turgenjew and HG Wells .

Among the imprints include Times Books (from The New York Times Company), Owl Books and Picador for paperbacks.

The publisher's mark is an owl.

The merger partner Rinehart & Company was founded in 1929 as Rinehart & Farrar and had success with the series Rivers of America and the Nero Wolfe crime novels by Rex Stout . In 1946, John C. Farrar (1896–1974) rose. What remained was Stanley Rinehart (1897-1969, son of Mary Roberts Rinehart ), who changed the publisher's name to Rinehart & Company. Farrar founded Farrar & Straus, which then became Farrar, Straus and Giroux .

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