Hermann Schmälzger

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Hermann Schmälzger (born January 16, 1893 in Brechte ; † September 24, 1955 in Lünen ) was a German politician ( SPD ).

Life and work

After graduating from primary school, Schmälzger attended courses in the trade, which he completed with the journeyman's examination. He worked as a miner since 1918 and later carried out union and cooperative activities. He served as Lord Mayor of the city of Lünen (North Rhine-Westphalia) from November 21, 1952 until his death .


Schmälzger joined the SPD in 1920 and took on various functions within the party from 1924. Until 1933 and again from 1945 he was the local group leader of the Social Democrats. After the Second World War , Schmälzger was initially appointed city ​​councilor in Lünen until he was elected to the city council in October 1946. From 1947 to 1950 he was a member of the first freely elected North Rhine-Westphalian state parliament . In parliament he represented the constituency of Dortmund IV - Lünen.


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