Hiddy Jahan

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Hiddy Jahan Squash player
Nationality: EnglandEngland England
(1983–1989) Pakistan (1967–1982)
Birthday: March 15, 1950
Playing hand: Right
Best placement: 4 (January 1979)
Sources: official player profiles at PSA and Squashinfo (see web links )

Hidayet "Hiddy" Jahan (born March 15, 1950 in Quetta ) is a former Pakistani squash player who started in 1983 for England .


Hiddy Jahan was active as a squash player between 1967 and 1989. His best ranking in the world rankings he reached fourth in January 1979. He was nominated for the squad of the Pakistani national team at the 1967 World Cup , but could not participate due to an accident. While on a train trip in Pakistan, his head hit a signal mast when he leaned out too far. Between 1976 and 1988 he was twelve times in the main field of the world championship . His best results were reaching the semi-finals in 1980 , 1981 and 1982 . At the British Open he reached the final in 1982, in which he was defeated by Jahangir Khan in three sets. When he went on a show fighting tour in South Africa during apartheid to earn money, he was suspended by the Pakistani federation and his passport was confiscated. Due to Jahan's marriage in 1978 to a British woman, he acquired British citizenship and from 1973 competed internationally under the English flag. With the English national team he then took part in the World Cup in 1983 and 1985 . In 1983 he moved into the final against Pakistan with the team, Jahan lost his game against Jahangir Khan 3-0.

His younger brothers Zarak Jahan Khan and Zubair Jahan Khan were also active as squash professionals.


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