English national squash team

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Flag of England.svg
Trainer David Campion
Statistics at world championships
First participation 1981
Participations total 19th

Title won 5
Total finals 10
best result S (1995, 1997, 2005, 2007, 2013)
Eternal balance 107: 21
Last update of the infobox: December 2019

The English national squash team is the entirety of the squash squash federation England Squash . English athletes can be found in it, who represent their country in both individual and team competitions nationally and internationally in squash .



England has participated in every World Cup since 1981 . English squash players were previously part of the British team . From 1981 to the present day England reached at least the semi-finals of every tournament. Already in 1983 England was the first time in the final, was defeated there but just as in the second finals 1991 . The first title win came in 1995 in Cairo against Pakistan with Simon Parke , Del Harris , Chris Walker and Peter Marshall . Two years later , the team defended the title in the final against Canada . In addition to Parke, Harris and Walker this time Mark Chaloner was part of the squad. Third place followed three times before the third title win was achieved against Egypt in 2005 . The crew included James Willstrop , Lee Beachill , Peter Nicol and Nick Matthew . Once again the team, again with Nick Matthew, James Willstrop, Lee Beachill and Peter Barker , successfully defended their title . After finishing fourth in 2009 and losing a final in 2011 , England won their fifth world title at the 2013 tournament . Nick Matthew, James Willstrop, Daryl Selby and Adrian Grant played . In 2017 , the team made it to the final again, where they met Egypt again. Nick Matthew and James Willstrop lost their games, England became vice world champions. The squad also included Daryl Selby and Adrian Waller . Also in 2019 England reached the final against Egypt and finished the tournament in second place. Declan James and Adrian Waller lost to their opponents, so the premature defeat was certain. James Willstrop and Daryl Selby completed the squad.

England was also very successful at the European Championships , which have been held annually since 1973. Between 1973 and 2014 England failed to win the title only three times: in 1980 and 1983 the team lost to Sweden in the final, and in 1992 they finished third behind Scotland and Finland . With 40 European championship titles, England is by far the record winner in this competition.

Current squad

Squad 2017: Flag bearer, physiotherapist, trainer David Campion , Daryl Selby, James Willstrop, Adrian Waller and Nick Matthew (from left to right)

At the last World Cup in 2019 , the English team consisted of the following players:

rank Surname Date of birth WRL Calls Victories Defeats
1. Adrian Waller December 26, 1989 17th 5 3 2
2. James Willstrop August 15, 1983 18th 5 4th 1
3. Daryl Selby 3rd November 1982 20th 3 3 0
4th Declan James April 19, 1993 22nd 4th 3 1

Balance sheet

year venue round placement Victories Defeats
1981 SwedenSweden Stockholm Semifinals 4th 4th 3
1983 New ZealandNew Zealand Auckland final 2. 8th 1
1985 EgyptEgypt Cairo Semifinals 4th 6th 3
1987 EnglandEngland London Semifinals 3. 7th 1
1989 SingaporeSingapore Singapore Semifinals 3. 6th 2
1991 FinlandFinland Helsinki final 2. 4th 1
1993 PakistanPakistan Karachi Semifinals 3. 4th 1
1995 EgyptEgypt Cairo World Champion 1. 6th 0
1997 MalaysiaMalaysia Petaling Jaya World Champion 1. 5 1
1999 EgyptEgypt Cairo Semifinals 3. 5 1
2001 AustraliaAustralia Melbourne Semifinals 3. 6th 1
2003 AustriaAustria Vienna Semifinals 3. 6th 1
2005 PakistanPakistan Islamabad World Champion 1. 6th 0
2007 IndiaIndia Chennai World Champion 1. 6th 0
2009 DenmarkDenmark Odense Semifinals 4th 5 2
2011 GermanyGermany Paderborn final 2. 6th 1
2013 FranceFrance Mulhouse World Champion 1. 7th 0
2015 EgyptEgypt Cairo no event
2017 FranceFrance Marseille final 2. 5 1
2019 United StatesUnited States Washington, DC final 2. 5 1
total 19/19 participations 5 tracks 107 21st

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