Squash team world championship 2015

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The 25th World Team Championship for Men ( English 2015 Men's World Team Squash Championship ) should to 18 December 2015 initially of 12 Cairo , Egypt held. The organizers were the Egyptian Squash Federation and the World Squash Federation . A total of 23 teams had registered for the World Cup. Defending champion would have been England .

The original organizer, the Kuwait Squash Federation, announced at the end of October 2015 that it would not be able to hold the tournament in Kuwait City as planned . The reason was the suspension of the National Olympic Committee of Kuwait by the IOC . A replacement organizer was quickly found in the Egyptian Squash Federation, which ultimately chose Cairo as the venue. All reports had to be confirmed again by the national associations; new reports were also possible. Spain and Kuwait withdrew their participation.

On December 1st, the teams of England , France , Germany , Finland , Canada and the United States announced in a joint statement that they would withdraw their participation due to the security situation in Egypt. Three days later, the world association announced that the organizers had canceled the original date due to cancellations and for security reasons and postponed it for an indefinite period.

In January 2016, the world association finally announced the final cancellation of the event. In addition to the security risks already mentioned, there was also no organizer for the only time frame still available in the tournament calendar from May 30th to June 6th, 2016.

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