Historic landscapes of Finland

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The historical landscapes of Finland are those historical provinces of Sweden that are now in independent Finland .

Until 1634, the landscapes represented administrative units of the Kingdom of Sweden. Since Finland had no statehood at that time, the designation "historical provinces of Finland" is misleading.

After the administrative reform carried out in 1634 and the reorganization of the empire in län , the landscapes no longer had a political function, but in Finland they are of great importance for regional identity.

The official Swedish term - Finnish was at no time the official language during Swedish rule - for the provinces that existed until 1634, landskap , mostly translated into German as "landscape". In Finnish, the term maakunta (plural maakunnat ) is common. The historically occupied terms maakunta / landskap were revived during the Finnish administrative reform of 1997 and today also refer to the regional administrative units subordinate to the Lääni .

Historic Landscapes of Finland
(the boundaries of contemporary landscapes in yellow)
coat of arms landscape Finnish Swedish
Häme.vaakuna.svg Malice Malice Tavastland
Karjalan historiallisen maakunnan vaakuna.svg Karelia Karjala Karelen
Lapin maakunnan vaakuna.svg Lapland Lappi Lapland
Satakunta.vaakuna.svg Satakunta Satakunta Satakunda
Savo.vaakuna.svg Savo Savo Savolax
Uudenmaan historiallisen maakunnan vaakuna.svg Uusimaa Uusimaa Nyland
Varsinais-Suomen.vaakuna.svg Varsinais-Suomi Varsinais-Suomi Egentliga Finland
Coat of arms of Åland.svg Åland Ahvenanmaa Åland
Ostrobothnia coat of arms.svg Ostrobothnia Pohjanmaa Ostrobothnia

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