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On-line December 16, 1995

hitparade.ch is a Swiss music website with a focus on the Swiss hit parade .


It was founded on December 16, 1995 by Steffen Hung. In the middle of December 1995, the then student Hung began to set up a website dedicated to the Swiss hit parade . Initially, he typed the lists from the teletext page of Swiss television , until IFPI Switzerland and Media Control found out , which had the page closed by means of threatened injunction . The parties soon came to an agreement and the site then became the official publication organ for the Swiss hit parade.

The site developed and the number of visitors increased. At the end of 1999 Christian Meyer, who owned the complete chart lists, got on board and together this was digitized. From 2000, the complete archive of the Swiss hit parade since 1968 (albums from 1983) could be viewed in a dynamic database in which all weekly lists and charts were listed.

At this time, other hit parades in Switzerland were added, such as for cinema and books. It was also possible to record songs and albums and rate them. At the end of 2010, more than 750,000 music titles, 140,000 albums and over 170,000 sound carriers were recorded, mostly complete with track lists, song duration, author and producer information, and over 2.35 million reviews have currently been written.

Other features were added, such as event calendars, databases on books, films, series and games. In addition, there have been over 400 interviews over the past few years. Hitparade.ch has also been a download shop since 2010, and digital music can be bought there legally. The side project www.airplay.ch also started, where you can research the airplays from the largest Swiss radio stations. In addition, all song data from the hitparade.ch database can be called up from there.

According to its own information, the largest Swiss music website has around 50,000 visitors a day. It is privately financed and is maintained and updated by Steffen Hung and around 45 volunteers.

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In addition to hitparade.ch and airplay.ch, Hung Medien operate 14 more country-specific chart websites, partly in cooperation with the local charter companies:

In addition, the following two websites also exist that are not yet sponsored:

The chart pages for Greece (greekcharts.com) and Mexico (mexicancharts.com) have since been abandoned.

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