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Home Taping Is Killing Music ( Engl. About, call recording via tape recorder Killing Music ') was a campaign by the British Phonographic Industry . It was launched in 1980. The slogan was subtitled And it's illegal ('And it's illegal') and featured an audio cassette with two crossed bones in the logo , in the style of a pirate flag . The slogan was mostly found as a sticker on record covers .

The motivation for the campaign was the copying of music (e.g. in the form of mixtapes ) with cassette recorders , which was popular at the time, and the industry's fear of having to record declines in sales that threatened its existence.


Parody of the campaign logo as sewing yourself destroys fashion

The campaign was often parodied with slogans such as Home Sewing Is Killing Fashion (, own clothes destroyed Mode '), Home Cooking Is Killing the Restaurant Industry (, cook yourself destroyed the catering industry'), Home Fucking Is Killing Prostitution (destroyed fuck at home Prostitution ') or - in ironically broken Denglish  - Homedrinking Is Killing Gastwirt (' At home drinking is the innkeeper's death '). Other turn the slogan for Music Industry Kills Music (, music industry destroyed Music ') or DRM Is Killing Music (, Digital Rights Management destroyed Music') or replace the old audio cassette by a more contemporary iPod .

Counter symbol DRM Is Killing Music

Other musicians also took up the campaign. For example, the US rock band Rocket from the Crypt sold T-shirts with the logo and slogan Home Taping Is Killing the Music Industry: Killing Ain't Wrong .

The no-wave / noise rock band Sonic Youth printed the logo together with the band name on T-shirts.

In 1981 the US punk band Dead Kennedys released their EP In God We Trust, Inc. On the original cassette version, all songs on the album were on side A. On side B was the saying “Home taping is killing big business profits. We left this side blank so you can help ”. The English metal band Venom used the slogan “Home taping is killing music… So are Venom” on their second album Black Metal . On the supplement to the demo recording Triumph of Death by the Swiss band Hellhammer , inspired by Venom , the slogan is: “Venom are killing music… Hellhammer are killing Venom ”.

The logo is printed on the inner sleeve of a
record released in Great Britain in 1983

The cover of the album Workers Playtime by the singer Billy Bragg contained the note "Capitalism is killing music - pay no more than £ 4.99 for this record".

The 2001 demotape album by the German hip-hop group Fettes Brot featured the original logo traced from the campaign as a central component of the cover. It was also picked up in 2004 by the file-sharing search engine The Pirate Bay and incorporated into their logo.

The rock festival “la route du rock” in St. Malo uses the campaign logo.

Despite these measures by the record industry, the Rolling Stones' 1982 European tour was sponsored by the cassette manufacturer TDK .

Similar campaigns

With the same message as the British Phonographic Industry campaign, but in relation to file sharing , the Norwegian section of the World Association of the Phonographic Industry has been running a campaign since 2007 with the slogan “Piracy Kills Music”. The campaign logo also featured a skull.

In 2000 the German music industry started a campaign against burning music CDs under the motto "Copy kills music".

The German film industry tried from November 2003, also triggered by the increasingly practiced file sharing, to develop more guilty feelings when exchanging copyrighted films with the campaign “ Pirate copiers are criminals ” .

The Federation Against Software Theft , a British non-profit organization of the software industry, spread the slogan “Piracy is theft” in the 1980s, which was later used by similar organizations such as the US film organization Motion Picture Association of America was used. Like the “Home Taping Is Killing Music” campaign, the logo for the slogan was based on the skull and crossbones of the pirate flag “ Jolly Roger ”, which was depicted in a prohibition sign.

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